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About Survey Systems of America, Inc.

Located in Elgin we have been providing a full line of Surveying services in Northeast Illinois since 1978. Our field and office personnel are directed and supervised by three (3) Illinois Professional Land Surveyors. Both our field and office operations are fully automated linking traditional quality to the future.

Our management staff has performed, prepared, directed and supervised: ALTA/ACSM Land Title, Boundary, Engineering, Architectural, Construction, Subdivision, Condominium, Environmen­tal, Photogrammetric Control and GPS surveys. A cross section of our recent experience includes: Design and construction control surveys for site and building layout of the Hilton Garden Inn located in St. Charles, Illinois; Design survey, Subdivision platting, site construction control layout for Hampshire Highlands a 115 Acre residential subdivision in Hampshire, Illinois; Control survey for interior reconstruction of the Pheasant Run Theater, St. Charles, Illinois; and layout of the Golf Course and Residential Community of Stonehenge at the Merit Club in Gurnee, Illinois.

Our surveys are performed using conventional and/or GPS instrumentation. Mapping and platting is performed in the AutoCad environment. Plotting and most reproduction is accomplished in-house. We may also provide you with electronic data files for importation to your system.

It is Survey Systems of America, Inc.'s policy to provide our clients with a product of the highest possible quality, adhering to the standards of our profession, at an affordable cost. Our experience can provide you assistance in determining your needs and informing you of additional requirements which may have been overlooked, helping to avoid unexpected costs. It may also afford us the opportunity to inform you of unnecessary tasks, providing you a savings. When necessary we will contact governmental agencies, title companies and other design firms to assist you in determining your requirements. Our staff is available for inquiries and questions at your convenience.

Additional project specific experience, references and pricing will be provided upon request. In closing we would like to thank you for your time and hope that we may be of service to you in the near future.

We are a member of the Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association.
Illinois Design Firm-Land Surveying Corporation License No. 184-002797

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